Sunday, 11 October 2015

Benefits of On-Page SEO

In the recent times Search engine optimization is regularly changing. Though, it is still the one of the most effective way of Online Marketing.

The SEO ranking factors are mainly categorized in two categories:

1. On-Page SEO Factors
2. Off-Page SEO Factors

The Major difference between on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO is that On-Page SEO factors are the factors that are totally managed through the website while in Off-page SEO we need to earn backlinks from different external website.

On-Page SEO is the most critical part of Search Engine optimization and here are some of the major benefits of On-Page SEO:

1. Local Business Benefit: On-Page SEO is the most vital part to get the best possible results for local business. For the Local SEO perspective, there are few on-Page SEO actions which needs to be performed. These actions include:
  •      Location in the Title Tag
  •      Google Map
  •      Rich Snippets
  •      GEO Sitemap

2. Permanent SEO Value: With the help of On-Page Optimization, we can achieve a permanent SEO value for our business because in Off-Site SEO or link building technique, our links can be deindex by the third-party webmaster.

3. Time : The Off-Page SEO is the time-consuming process because it`s quite hard to find out the business relevant websites that allow you to create backlinks. On-Page SEO is easy to control with the latest Search Engine Algorithms.

4. Better Conversion: Recently, Google rolled out an update for user experience. User Experience on a website is a vital factor when it comes to search engine ranking hence better conversion rate.

In conclusion, On-Page SEO is the most effective part of our SEO Strategy and the power of On-Page SEO can't be underestimated.  Radius Inbound advice to optimize your webpages before starting the off-page tasks.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Free SEO Tools for Small Businesses

There is a large number of online SEO tools available. In the recent time, the SEO tools have become a very big industry and there is a huge number of companies that are developing several SEO tools. These tools have both paid and free version as it depends on your usability. Some of these tools offer monthly payment pattern while some offer yearly basis payment options. You can spend money as per your requirements.

Here we at Radius Inbound have listed some of the SEO tools that can produce a good ROI for your time as well as money.

Free SEO Tools: There are a lot of effective SEO tools which are available at no cost means you don't need to pay anything to use them. Some of these tools are the basic necessities for any website whether you are working on an online marketing campaign or not.

Google Search Console / Google Webmaster 

It is the basic and essential tool, you must be using. This tool is basically a collection of several tools which helps in diagnosing issues on your website. This is a basic tool, which is used by newbie in SEO to most experienced SEO Company or experts.
Google Search Console

This tool allows you to not only diagnose the website but also to report the actions, you have taken to resolve the issue. This tool allows you and Google to make a clear understanding on your website. This tool provides details like backlinks, targeted country, index status, keywords, crawling errors and stats, etc.

Bing Webmaster Tool – Some of the SEO professional neglect the Bing webmaster tool. This tool is similar to the Google Webmaster tool as it provides the data about search traffic, keywords, backlinks, crawling, etc. In comparison to Google Webmaster tool, this tool provides in-depth recommendations for SEO improvement of your website.
Bing Webmaster Tool

Google Analytics: Just like Google Search Console, Analytics  is one of the basic tool you should be using for your website.
Google Analytics

Google analytics provides the data about your visitors and traffic sources. It provides an in-depth report on the visitor flow on your website which helps you to easily track the best and worst pages on your website.

Google Keyword Planner: 
Google Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool allows you to search keywords for your website. This tool allows you to search related keywords, track the search volume, keyword trends and competition on the keywords.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Know About Different Kind of SEO Penalties - Part I

Google Updates

In the recent times, Google has rolled out several search engine quality algorithms. There are a number of reasons why a website can lost the traffic as well as the search engine rankings. Here, in this post i have tried to explain different kinds of Google search engine penalties which may help you to diagnosis the issues in your site:

Google Panda and Penguin: Google Panda and Penguin are the biggest search engine quality updates from Google. Both of these updates are the biggest updates in the history of Google as these updates have made a major impact of search engine ranking.

Google Panda: This is one of the most effective search engine quality algorithm by Google. This update mainly focuses on the quality of the content. The main role of this update was to target websites that use spammy content techniques like spinning the content, scraping and creating similar webpages for different keyword sets.
Google Panda

This update was rolled out in February 2011, after that numerous versions of this update has been rolled out by the Google. Each version of this update has helped Google to increase the efficiency to identify the spammy kind of the content and low quality content.

If you feel that your website has been suffered from any of the Panda update, it is quite important to checkout the content of the website and resolve the potential issues. Some of the most important things to look out for are as follows:

  1. Make use of different content quality checking tools like Copyscape to identify the websites which are using duplicate content.
  2. Review your website to find out the thin content and ensure that each of the webpage have at least 250-300 words unique content.

Google Penguin: This update has also a big impact on SEO industry. During the initial roll out of this update, some of the website has completely lost their search engine rankings.
The main aim of the penguin update is to target the websites that are using black hat SEO techniques to manipulate the search engine rankings. I have mentioned few techniques that could penalize your website from Penguin Update:


  • Paid Links that do not make use of nofollow attribute
  • Two-way or Reciprocal linking
  • Excessive use of low quality link building tactics such as guest blogging, article marketing
  • Excessive use of keyword rich anchor text in link building
If you suspect that your website has been penalized with the Penguin update, it`s quite important to evaluate your backlink profile and take action against the unnatural backlinks.
If you find that you can't remove a backlink (Due to not having access to the link profile), you may use the Google Disavow Tool.

Manual Penalty: 

In this penalty, a member of Google's webspam team review your website and if he/she finds something that violates the Google webmaster guidelines, your website may suffer from a manual penalty. Google has also sent messages to the webmasters of the websites in which they have mentioned the effects of action and the reasons for the penalty.
Manual Penalty
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Recovering from a manual penalty takes as a lot of time as it completely depends on the type of action. 

If you feeling, that your website has been penalized with any of the Google updates, feel free to Get in touch with Radius Inbound

Friday, 11 September 2015

How Can You Improve Your Local SEO

When it comes to marketing of a local business, Local SEO plays a vital role in promoting a business in the local market. In the recent time, local SEO has become one of the most vital aspect for any business or brand which needs a long-term success.

In the last few years, there is a sudden growth in local SEO as the use of smartphones has increased the importance of local SEO. The major difference between local SEO and global SEO is that local SEO is basically focused on results that are relevant to the searched which are completely based on their location or IP address.

In a recent study, it was revealed that approximately 80% of mobile queries are searched for local search results.

Local SEO

Now, the question comes up is that “How can we optimize business for Local search?”. Here are few tips that may help you to make your website local friendly:

Google Place for Local Business: The very first thing to do for Local SEO. Claim your business on Google Business Places and ensure that your Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Opening&Closing hours and other contact details are complete. You need to fill all the details and make sure that you have filled all the details and your business profile is completed.

You need to be more curious while selecting the business category so make sure that you have selected the right category as this will pass the information about your business to Google.

Google+ Local : After successful approval of your Google Business Place, you need to link your Google Business Page to the Google+ local page which will show your social profile, reviews, photos and videos.

On-Page Local SEO: This is somewhat like organic SEO. As a local business owner, you need to make sure that your web-pages contain the physical address of your business, along with the phone number. Along with that your Meta tags should include business name and location, images should be optimized properly and content should be more focused on local services. Also, you can embedded map to your contact page which will also help potential customers to search your business.